• practise good digital citizenship – always be careful, respectful, thoughtful, and honest in all areas of their digital lives
  • look after their iPad
  • ensure their iPad is fully charged each day and that there is 3GB of space available
  • only use their iPad at school under the instruction of a teacher for classroom activities
  • only use email with the permission of a teacher (via the school Wi-Fi)
  • avoid plagiarism and obey all copyright laws
  • only photograph or video other people for approved classroom tasks with their
  • report inappropriate online behaviour or cyber bullying
  • use OneDrive or Teams to distribute documents to reduce the school’s carbon footprint
  • maintain a healthy balance between the digital and real-world – time manage their
    technology use
  • never access, keep, or send anything they would not want their parents or teachers to
  • use an iPad without a teacher’s permission
  • attempt to bypass the school firewall - this specifically includes the use of
    SIM cards and VPNs
  • access or attempt to access inappropriate content – this specifically includes violent,
    pornographic, or sexually explicit material
  • play games or access sites or Apps which have no relevance to academic
  • use offensive or discriminatory language, sounds or images in any communication sent
    - this includes anything which may be deemed to be impolite, anti-social, profane,
    Satanist, abusive, racist, or sexist
  • make use of social media or instant messaging as they are underage
  • send or re-send any personal or inappropriate material
  • spread or attempt to spread viruses
  • store inappropriate, illegal, or malicious content on their device or in their
    school cloud storage
  • share their login details with another user
  • use or attempt to use another student’s login and thereby impersonate (and possibly
    incriminate) another student
  • access files other than their own